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Established on December 5, 2001, Delta Chi Epsilon is a local, social fraternity whose mission to improve the University and local community through its Brotherhood, community service, and dedication of service to others has seen it through the years. For the past seven years Delta Chi Epsilon has sought to better itself, the University and the local community through its work with the Boys' and Girls' Club of Niagara Falls, and the American Red Cross.

Delta Chi Epsilon strives to being Friends before Brothers, firmly believing that the bonds created during the initiation process supersede those of friendship. Thus any member of Delta Chi Epsilon must first be our friend, before he can be our Brother.

Brothers of Delta Chi Epsilon are very active on campus. Some in Residence Life, some in the Niagara Index (our school newspaper), and others in other groups on campus such as the On-campus Radio Station, Live Music Committee, New Student Orientation and Campus Programming Board. Should a gentleman wish to join Delta Chi Epsilon, simply find us at one of our coming events or around campus.

Delta Chi Epsilon is also a part of the Niagara University Inter-Greek Council which sponsors additional events for the university community.